Fighting Friday Band Picture

Fighting Friday came together in early 2009 as a side project to write and record original music. After just a few shows, the 4 piece Boston based rock band discovered an immediate chemistry that led them to devoting all their energy into this band.

Their unique sound and enticing vocal performances have been captivating audiences at colleges and clubs all over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. They are known for their fun and insanely high energy shows, infectiously catchy song-writing and edgy hard rock sound.

Collectively, members of Fighting Friday have performed hundreds of shows all over the country and have shared the stage with major label acts such as Gavin DeGraw, Reel Big Fish, O.A.R., Howie Day, Eve 6 and many more. Fighting Friday is also proudly sponsored by Jagermeister.

Please see the “gigs” section of our website for a full schedule.

Members of Fighting Friday:
Josh Cramoy – Lead vocals, guitar
MYK Wilkins –Bass and vocals
Rusty Crowe – Drums and vocals
Jim Harper – Lead Guitar and vocals